Friday, August 9, 2013

Philippine Passport Requirements (Philippine Embassy Abu Dhabi)

Passports should be renewed 6 months before its expiry date to avoid any problems with immigration in case of emergency travels. Before going to the Phlippine Embassy be sure to have all the documents required for passport processing.
Here is the list of requirements for the Machine Readable Passport (MRP)


1.   MRP Data Encoding Sheet
2.   Three (3) colored photographs
  • Size 3.5 cm  x  4.5 cm
  • Royal blue background
  • Decent attire with collar
  • Taken within the last six months
  • Good quality, not glossy paper
  • Facial image must not exceed 3 cm
3.   Current Passport
4.   Photocopy of current passport showing the following:
  • Inside front cover
  • Inside back cover
  • Page containing latest Philippine immigration departure stamp
  • Page containing latest UAE immigration stamp
  • Page containing UAE visa
5.   Personal appearance of applicant, except:
     If (a) 8 years old and younger,  (b) 65 years and older,  (c) Mentally and physically incapacittated, applicant shall be represented by Filipino parent, son/daughter or guardian.
6.    Fee: AED 200


Please note: Report of Birth must also be accomplised at the Embassy by the applicant at the same time.

1.    MRP Data Encoding sheet, accomplished by either parent (if illegitimate, by mother)
2.    Three (3) colored photographs
  • Size 3.5 cm  x  4.5 cm
  • Royal blue background
  • Decent attire with collar
  • Taken within the last six months
  • Good quality, not glossy paper
  • Facial image must not exceed 3 cm
3.    Birth Certificate issued by UAE Ministry of Health or Abu Dhabi Health Authority, stamped and signed by the Embassy, and the photocopy
4.    Report of Birth issued by the Embassy, and photocopy
5.    Passport of Filipino parent, and photocopy
6.    Personal appearance of Filipino parent
7.    Fee: AED 200


1.    MRP Data Encoding Sheet
2.    Three (3) colored photogrphs
  • Size 3.5 cm  x  4.5 cm
  • Royal blue background
  • Decent attire with collar
  • Taken within the last six months
  • Good quality, not glossy paper
  • Facial image must not exceed 3 cm
3.    Report from the UAE Immigration Office, stamped by the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, and translated into English
4.    Affidavit of Loss ( form available at the Embassy)
5.    Birth Certificate and photocopy, if available
6.    Photocopy of lost passport, if available
7.    Personal appearance of applicant, except: 
       If (a) 8 years old and younger,  (b) 65 years and older,  (c) Mentally and physically incapacittated, applicant shall be represented by Filipino parent, son/daughter or guardian.
8.    Fee: AED 20

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Invest in Stocks with Your Php5000

In my last blog " Invest in Stocks", I have given the basic idea how the stock market works. I also mentioned that you can start investing in the Stock Market initially with your Php5000.Some of you didn't actually believe that. So here, I prepared a short tutorial how you can start investing in the Philippine Stock Market with your Php5000. Learn and enjoy. Watch the video

Powerpoint presentration version just click on the "NEXT" arrow on the image below located at the right side and bottom of the image. 

Within two months of investing in the Stock Market, I already received dividends from BDO and FPH. These two big companies were recommended by Bro. Bo Sanchez of Truly Rich Club. It is a good start for me. In this industry, as a newbie, you need a mentor for you to succeed. It takes some action and the discipline of saving for the future.

On my next article on OFW Business Ideas, I will be sharing how we should manage our expenses especially to OFW's which I also learned from the Truly Rich Club.

"Don't have bad debts..Why?Because your making the greatest magic in the world your enemy..Albert Einstein said, the greatest magic in the world is not nuclear power,it's not the theory of relativity,the greatest magic in the world is compounded interest.Don't make it your enemy.Make it your friend by investing." - Bo Sanchez

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Invest in Stocks

Monday, July 1, 2013

Invest in Stocks

The Philippine Stock Market is down. I rushed this article to encourage my fellow OFW's to invest in the stock market while it is on BIG SALE as we call it in the club. This is the right timing to be share holders of MERALCO, SM, BDO, and more big companies in the Phlippines. This is what Warren Buffet did during the recession time where companies shares were at their lowest prices in USA. He kept on buying shares of different companies and look at him now, he is a multi millionaire.

Let me explain to you, in my own understanding, how the stock market works. Let us take for example ABC Company being owned by Marie. ABC Company should have 100,000,000 unit shares in order to operate the business. Marie, the owner, owns 75,000,000 unit shares and the remaining 20,000,000 is owned by Marie’s business partners. ABC Company needs more business partners for the remaining 10,000,000 unit shares needed for the business. Since ABC Company is stable and a big company, it is listed in the Philippine Stock exchange. There are 10,000,000 unit shares of ABC Company for sale in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Now, you want to be a co-owner of the ABC Company and a business partner of Marie and this is possible by buying shares from from the Philippine Stocks Exchange. Since you cannot directly do transactions with PSE, you need a trusted broker company like COL Financial. All your stock transactions will be through this broker.

Let me continue, let us say ABC Company is being sold at Php5 per share with a minimum of 100 unit shares. The initial minimum investment with COL Finanacial Easy Investment Plan is Php 5000. You can afford that right? When you buy 400 unit shares of ABC Company, you now become a co-owner of the company having 400 unit shares. You might be asking why only 400 shares while you invested Php 5000 with COL Financial? Because there would be service charge and tax fees.

When ABC Company performs well in the market, the per unit share value will increase to Php5.01 and up, then your money earns. But if the market goes down, don’t worry about this because you will not be into stock trading. COL Financial Easy Investment Plan is long-term period up to 20 years and uses cost averaging. MERALCO was only Php295, five years back, but now it is at Php330 even the stock market is down.The value of your money increases in the stock market with long term investment.

Investors lose big amount of money when they go into stock trading. This is a gambling game and this is not recommended in our club. To understand more about stock market and to have some more tips, please download this e-book, "My Maid Invests in the Stock Market". There are some maids who religiously invested in the stock market with COL Financial’s EIP and now having around Php 400,00  and co-owners of big companies. You will know them inside the book.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For Rent in Abu Dhabi

I just want to share you some tips I learned from transferring house for 3 times now since January of this year. 

Where to find rooms for rent?

The first thing I do is visit. There are hundreds of rooms for rent ad in this site. You can filter the ads according to price, location, furnished, and attached bath. It is where I found my two rooms. This site is reliable when you are searching for accommodation.
If you were not able to find the room you desire in dubbizzle, walk along Hamdan Road where you will find many flyers posted at the bus stops or building walls.

Based on experience Room Rentals:
Bed Space  = AED 500 – AED 950
Room Sharing = AED 1200 – AED 1600
Maid’s Room = AED 1200 – AED 1600
Maid’s Room attached bath = AED 1500 – AED 2300
Normal Rooms = AED 2300 – AED 2600
Master Bedroom = AED 2800 – AED 3800
Salon = AED 4000 and up

The rent usually comes with free water, electricity, and optional free offer for wifi, TFC, gas for cooking, use of fridge and microwave oven.  

Where to buy cheap bed, mattress and other room furniture?
For the cheapest bedroom furniture, you can go to Electra at the backside of LL Hospital. I bought our double sized bed, medical mattress and 3 door cabinet for only AED 800 free delivery and bed fixing in our room. Our friend shared a strategy in buying from these shops so you will get the best price.

Choose the furniture you want. Tell the salesman that it is so good, amazing and you really like it. Ask him for the price. Initially he will give you expensive price. Ask him for discount. He will then offer you a lower price. This time, tell him the price that fits your budget. If he will not agree with your price, walk out of the shop and tell him you’ll check first for other shops and you will just come back. He will now run after you, give you a lower price, he will bargain some more with you. Note down the last price he will offer. Check for other shops and do the same. Choose the shop with the lowest price. Now you can buy your furniture from the shop with the lowest offer.

For Rent in Abu Dhabi

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Saving in mutual fund is now mandatory to all Overseas Filipino Workers. Before we are able to get our OEC, we need to be a member Home Development Mutual Fund or most commonly known as  PAG-IBIG. Some OFW's think that this saving system is another money making business for the Philippine government. Some will just comply and be a member just to get their OEC, but never funded for their PAG-IBIG Account. Some OFW's take this as additional expense to be included in their monthly budget. An OFW mentality that should be corrected.  PAG-IBIG overseas program is mandated by law to prepare for your retirement and you can have an opportunity to own our own house. There are many OFW's after more than 10 years of working abroad still don't have their own houses. Here are some more information you need to know about PAG-IBIG Fund.

What Philippine Law covers mandatory PAG-IBIG membership of OFW's?

This law is under Republic Act No. 9679 that aims to improve the lifestyle of Filipinos in providing fund for housing programs and implementing a nationwide saving system through PAG-IBIG Mutual Funds. R.A. 9679

What are the benefits of PAG-IBIG members?

1. Guaranteed savings by the Philippine government for your future.

Whatever happens to PAG-IBIG Funds, the government guaranties that all your contributions will be returned to you.Your monthly contributions or savings with PAG-IBIG Fund also earn annual dividends, TAX FREE. The dividend rate varies depending on the net income of PAG-IBIG at the year end.Assuming 5% dividend rate is given, please refer to the Table 1 provided below. (flyer is officially distributed by Abu Dhabi Philippine Emabassy)

2. Housing Program

An active OFW member of PAG-IBIG can easily avail the housing loan. A member should have at least 24 months contribution to avail the housing program. Members can apply up to Php3,000,000 housing loan depending on the monthly contribution, with low interest rate and low monthly amortization for 20-30 yeasr. Please refer to Table 2 provided above. Housing loan may be used for the purchase of residential house and lot,condo units, townhouse, construction or completion of residential unit on a titled  lot owned by the member and home improvement.

3. Short Term Loans (Multi-purpose Loan)

PAG-IBIG Fund also provides short term loans to cater your emergency needs like tuition fees, minor home repairs, capital for business, vacation budget, etc.. Below is a sample of how much money you can borrow from

Monthly Contribution
No. of Months
Amount of Multi-Purpose Loan*
P100 - P300
24 - 60  
61 - 120
P1,440 - P10,800
 P4,270- P25,200
P400 - P600
24 - 60
 61 120
P5,760 - P21,600
P17,080 -P50,400
P700 - P900
24 - 60
61 - 120
P10,080 - P32,400
P29,890 - P75,600
P1,000 - P1,200
24 - 60
61 - 120
P14,400 - P43,200
P42,700 - P100,800

The big issue of all kabayans, how or where to start?

Visit the Abu Dhabi Philippine Embassy and go directly to the first door on your left upon entering the embassy main entrance. Fill-up the PAG-IBIG Application form. Our kabayans will be assisting you there. After submitting the accomplished form with your original passport, they will give you your OFW PAG-IBIG Account Number. Kalas! You can now start saving your hard earned money. You can deposit it through UAE Exchange, Al Ansari, Al Falah Exchange, Al Ahalia Exchange.

You may contact these numbers for more information  - 971 2 639-0026/ 050 357 6308

Abu Dhabi-OFW-PAG-IBIG Fund for OFW

Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to Get OEC

Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) provides an exemption to Filipino overseas workers from paying travel tax (P1,620) and terminal fee (P550) in the Philippine airport. This became mandatory for OFWs to present an OEC after visiting the country and before going back to their places of work. This is under the POEA Rules and Regulations to help ensure that OFWs' are properly documented and protected.

Here is your guide in getting your OEC from the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi

1. Bring your required documents.

-Copy of your contract, (Warning: there is no photocopy centre within the premises of the embassy), -Valid OWWA Membership document, proof of PAG-IBIG membership (PAG-IBIG Membership for a minimum of AED10.00 -mandatory coverage per RA 9679 or the Home Development Mutual Fund Law which took effect on 27 August 2009);
-OWWA Membership for AED92.00 (payment valid per contract duration at a maximum of 2 years); 

2. Get your queue number and enter at the first room LEFT side of the embassy.

3. Fill out the Application Form

4. Pay OEC Processing fee of AED10.00 at the counter. They will ask for date of departure and arrival.

5. Wait for you name to be called to get your OEC. 

Note: You must process your OEC as early as 8:00 AM so will finish it in just 15-30 minutes.

The Embassy is open Sundays to Thursdays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Working Overseas

Why do overseas workers choose to work abroad?

Have you heard of doctors going abroad to become nurses? Why does a medical doctor preferred to become a registered nurse abroad, instead?

I gave birth to my eldest daughter in 2006. Parents always wanted the best for their kids so I have chosen one of the best pediatricians in our city to take care of my daughter, Dr. Arnel. He also happens to be my mother’s student in high school. When I was in the labor room, the interns interviewed me and also asked me who would be my baby’s pediatrician.  I told them it would be Dr. Arnel. The interns were happy to inform me that my baby is lucky because Dr. Arnel is really one of the best. We visited his clinic several times, for my baby’s monthly vaccines, check up for her cough and fever. I can say he is really expert and superb in his profession. But when my daughter was six months old, he informed us that he will be leaving the country. He already passed the nursing board exam and his papers are all processed in working abroad as a nurse.  Yes as a nurse. My mother being her teacher before, discouraged him, but he said, being a nurse abroad is just his stepping stone in pursuing his career as a doctor, abroad.

Some Filipino medical doctors have chosen to become nurses in United States not for their career growth but because they earn more than 12 times what they are earning in the Philippines. There are also cases where engineers are working as technicians or document controllers abroad and some college graduates even degree holders are working as domestic helpers to earn more. There are also lucky ones who are practicing their profession abroad and also earning more but away from their families. There are luckier expats who are earning much and are able to bring their family with them abroad.

The only main reason I see why most expats, OFW’s are working abroad is because of financial stability they want to have for their families. It is the financial stability for the love of family. I am working here abroad so I can give my daughters a better future. I was a QA Team Leader in the Philippines before but my salary is just enough for my personal needs. My husband has a good paying job but still our family expenses are more than what we are earning. We even have loans. Now, we are both working abroad. We are sacrificing being away from our lovely daughters believing we could provide them a better life.

Do you want to see your daughter cry in hunger or see your son cry because  you can not  buy the toy he wants or see your mother suffer due to old age, ailments because you don’t have money to let her be checked by doctors . It is not easy to bring down your pride, disregard your ego, downgrade your professional level, and above all be far from your families but because of the desire of being a good provider to your family so they can enjoy a better lifestyle, expats can endure all of these.  

Abu Dhabi-OFW-Working Overseas