Monday, February 25, 2013

Working Overseas

Why do overseas workers choose to work abroad?

Have you heard of doctors going abroad to become nurses? Why does a medical doctor preferred to become a registered nurse abroad, instead?

I gave birth to my eldest daughter in 2006. Parents always wanted the best for their kids so I have chosen one of the best pediatricians in our city to take care of my daughter, Dr. Arnel. He also happens to be my mother’s student in high school. When I was in the labor room, the interns interviewed me and also asked me who would be my baby’s pediatrician.  I told them it would be Dr. Arnel. The interns were happy to inform me that my baby is lucky because Dr. Arnel is really one of the best. We visited his clinic several times, for my baby’s monthly vaccines, check up for her cough and fever. I can say he is really expert and superb in his profession. But when my daughter was six months old, he informed us that he will be leaving the country. He already passed the nursing board exam and his papers are all processed in working abroad as a nurse.  Yes as a nurse. My mother being her teacher before, discouraged him, but he said, being a nurse abroad is just his stepping stone in pursuing his career as a doctor, abroad.

Some Filipino medical doctors have chosen to become nurses in United States not for their career growth but because they earn more than 12 times what they are earning in the Philippines. There are also cases where engineers are working as technicians or document controllers abroad and some college graduates even degree holders are working as domestic helpers to earn more. There are also lucky ones who are practicing their profession abroad and also earning more but away from their families. There are luckier expats who are earning much and are able to bring their family with them abroad.

The only main reason I see why most expats, OFW’s are working abroad is because of financial stability they want to have for their families. It is the financial stability for the love of family. I am working here abroad so I can give my daughters a better future. I was a QA Team Leader in the Philippines before but my salary is just enough for my personal needs. My husband has a good paying job but still our family expenses are more than what we are earning. We even have loans. Now, we are both working abroad. We are sacrificing being away from our lovely daughters believing we could provide them a better life.

Do you want to see your daughter cry in hunger or see your son cry because  you can not  buy the toy he wants or see your mother suffer due to old age, ailments because you don’t have money to let her be checked by doctors . It is not easy to bring down your pride, disregard your ego, downgrade your professional level, and above all be far from your families but because of the desire of being a good provider to your family so they can enjoy a better lifestyle, expats can endure all of these.  

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