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After a long day of work, travel, tour and adventure, you deserve to relax. You need a place to stay where you could sleep and do your personal necessities. Accommodation is the most important thing people consider when they travel away from home. There is a wide variety of choices you could choose from in Abu Dhabi. Prices vary depending on the location, amenities available and type like, shared room, studio flat or villa, small house or villa, family house, luxurious villas or mansions and from 1 Star to 5 Star Hotels.

Abu Dhabi Hotels

If you are planning a short-term vacation in the city, I bet staying in a hotel already crossed your mind. Thousands of tourists visit Abu Dhabi every year, so hotels ensure that every guest enjoys their stay. Hotels provide a comfort and elegant home away from home experience to their residents creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Almost all the international hotel chains are represented in the city. All, including the city's top hotels, strategically located in the business districts, beachfront area along Croniche, Yas Island and Saadiyat Island provide luxurious services and facilities to their residents that competes to those found anywhere in other countries.

Hotel  with Spiral Building Design

Budget for hotel? Including the Hotel Apartments, three star to the five star hotels, the price range is from AED250 - AED 2000 per night.

For a list of hotels per category, with contact details provided, please visit this site:

Rooms and Flat Rentals

Flats or otherwise known as apartments are the most common lodging for expats. You can find flats in almost all the buildings in Abu Dhabi from low-rise to the High towering buildings.  In flats, occupants usually share in the common bathroom and kitchen. Rooms are mostly shared and partitioned having 4-10 occupants.  There are also rooms with bathroom enclosed but these are more expensive. The room rental ranges from AED1000-AED 7000 per month. Bedspace comes at AED550- AED1300 per month. For expats who can afford to rent the whole flat, the price is more or less AED40, 000 to AED180, 000 per year with semi-annual or annual contracts. Rooms and Flat rentals vary depending on the location, how old is the building, size of the flat and additional services provided by the building management. If you have your own car, you might want to consider some low rise buildings in Mussafah offering low rental rates. It is a  developing Industrial area in Abu Dhabi just a 20-30minutes drive to the city.


Abu Dhabi villas are available for sale or for rental. Living in a villa will give you an urban life experience. There are villas having complete facilities like gym, landscaped gardens, swimming pools and sheltered parking. Though villas are usually located 100 meters away from the main roads, you will appreciate the quiet and relaxing environment away from the busy streets. As of now, the lowest studio type villa starts from AED 25,000 per year at Khalifah City. Like flats, there are also big villas, partitioned and turned into apartments with cheaper rentals.    

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