Abu Dhabi Airport Transportation

Abu Dhabi Airport is quite far from the city proper. It will take you around 30 minutes drive. Taking the taxi will cost you around AED70 to get to the city. There are also private cars at lower rate compared to the taxi but just a few dirhams cheaper. Upon exiting the airport, drivers will be following you, offering their service. For the cheapest ride, you should look for the A1-Public Buses. Just spare AED4 and the bus will  drop you to Abu Dhabi City Bus Terminal near Al Wahda Mall.

Taxi , Bus Services

The Bus

There are many air-conditioned public DOT city buses all over Abu Dhabi, from end to end. In the bus, men’s seat is separated from ladies’ seat. Ladies should always be given priority. Women are allowed to seat with their husband in the men’s area. Men can sometimes seat in the ladies’ area with their wife but they should leave the seat when another lady comes and needs a seat. Men are forced to be “gentlemen” whether they like it or not or strongly against their will.

The buses are equipped with CCTV System, automatic doors and stop-push buttons. Bus fare is AED2 for single trip. For job hunters, it is highly recommended that you buy Ojra Monthly bus card. This is worth AED80, which can be used for 1 month with unlimited bus rides. The bus pass is only valid for 1 month. A friendly advice, don’t be tempted to use the card after the expiration date because DOT staffs are conducting random checks on passengers. You can buy Ojra cards in malls at any Red Crescent stands.

For more information, visit these websites.

The Taxi

If you are rushing, or have lots of shopping bags, or just not in the mood for the bus crowd and smell, you can take Abu Dhabi Air-conditioned Gray Taxis. These are equipped with digital taxi meter displaying the name of the driver, ID number and fare rate. There are still a few old taxis colored white and usually travels in Mussafah and other areas outside the city proper. From 6AM-10PM, plugged down taxi rate is AED3.50 with per kilometer rate at AED1.6. Passengers travelling after 10PM onwards have to pay minimum of AED10. You can also call  600535353 for taxi bookings. Upon confirmation, you will be informed of the plate number of the taxi, mobile number of the driver in charge. You will also receive a text message regarding the details of your booking.   

Car Rentals

There are many car rental companies in Abu Dhabi. There are some requirements in renting a car. For tourists, you need to provide a copy of your visa, passport and a valid International Driver’s License. For UAE residence visa holders, valid UAE driving license is required. Car rental companies offer daily, monthly and even yearly rates.

Fuel Refilling Stations

The only fuel refilling station in Abu Dhabi is ADNOC. These stations are always in sky blue and white paints. Special, E+ and Diesel are the petrol terms. ADNOC stations offer services such as car change oil, automatic and manual car-wash services. There are also wide range of petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricating oils, break-fluid, LPG tanks and others. And when you feel hungry during your travel, you can buy your snacks and even a cup of coffee in their convenient stores and fastfood. When you run out of cash, there are also ATM Machines within the convenient store. And when the call of nature hits you, there are also comfort rooms with soap, water and tissue available for you.

Visit this site to locate ADNOC Stations and for more information.


When it comes to parking in Abu Dhabi, the credit will be with Mawaqif. They are responsible for the management and implementation of paid parking system in the city. There are two types of parking spaces, the premium, combination of white and turquoise marking and the standard, a combination of black and turquoise marking.

Premium parking
·         Each hour3 AED
·         Maximum parking duration4 Hrs
·         Fridays and Public HolidayFREE
·         Two – tone coloured marking in White - Turquoise

Standard parking
·         Each hour2 AED and 15 AED for 24 Hrs
·         Maximum parking duration24 Hrs
·         Fridays and Public HolidayFREE
·         Two - tone coloured marking in Black – Turquoise
·         For more information please visit

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