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General Info

Abu Dhabi is the second largest land in United Arab Emirates (UAE). It covers an area of 67,340 sq.km stretching from the coast of the Arabian Gulf across the Empty Quarter desert zone to the borders of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. I’ve got a trivia for you and this is unknown to most, Abu Dhabi is archipelagic comprising of almost 200 offshore islands. That is 200 islands and you will definitely enjoy island hopping. Abu Dhabi city is situated in one of these islands. The City streets run at right angles to each other, like a grid so it’s easy to get familiar with the routes. Don’t worry… you won’t be lost within the city proper.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates. Take note of another trivia- Abu Dhabi is one of the most important oil producers in the world, accounting to 10% of the global oil production. It is blessed with Earth’s Natural Oil. Nowadays, it is also known to be one of the world’s most developing countries. That is why more and more people are taking their chances to visit Abu Dhabi and hoping to find better opportunities. 

Abu Dhabi’s population reached around 2.4 Million at the end of 2011, accounting only 20% Emirati and the remaining 80% were us, the expats. The Emirate is mostly, mainly occupied by Expats. There are more than 202 nationalities recorded in the labor market. (202, almost the same number as its islands, remember? Maybe it is Abu Dhabi’s lucky number). The Expats mostly came from the following countries and regions:

·         Other GCC countries
·         Other Arab countries
·         Asia
·         Australia and Pacific
·         Africa
·         Europe
·         North and South America

Is it populated? Not yet, let me tell you why. In the sidewalks and malls, people still don’t bump closely with each other. People don’t fall in line while walking on the streets. (Sometimes we experience this in my home country). Pedestrian lanes don’t get crowded during a stop sign. On the roads, there are lots of cars, SUV’s, taxis, bus, coasters, pick-ups. You can see them all during busy hours but traffic is still smooth to moderate.  And you need to know that Abu Dhabi Traffic System is excellent. Traffic Rules are strictly implemented. Over speeding, not wearing seat belts, wrong parking, get fines. Would you believe, some expats say even dirty muddy vehicles get fines too? Car wash is a must!

Now let’s talk about the money. Abu Dhabi Currency is in UAE Dirhams or AED. It is safe to consider the exchange rate at 1US Dollar = 3.65 AED. Paper bills come in 5,10,20,50,100,200,500 and 1000. The coins will be AED1, 25 and 50 fils. You can change your money in exchange houses to be found easily along Hamdan, Electra and in all the Malls. There are also lots of Banks and ATM machines found while walking in the streets, in malls and gas stations. You can conveniently and safely withdraw money anytime you need. Credit Cards are widely accepted for purchasing.

CLIMATE in Abu Dhabi is almost sunny blue skies throughout the year. If you hate getting wet during rainy season, then this would be good news for you. Rainy days are seldom experienced in Middle East in general. In a year, there would only be few hours or 1-4 days of rain. Abu Dhabi only has 2 seasons, summer and winter. Summer is hot and humid where the temperature ranges from 33-46 Celsius and experienced during the months of March to September. You will be needing sunblock, shades, umbrella, and other stuffs to protect yourself from the sun. Winter usually comes from October to February. But Wait! Don’t be too excited about the winter because there is no snow. Just a cold temperature at approximately 12 to 25 Celsius and you need to wear jackets and coats to warm yourself. 

Enjoy your stay in Abu Dhabi .... 

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