Saturday, December 8, 2012

Emirates Hotel

The Emirates Palace Hotel is known to be the second seven-star hotel in the world, next to Burj Al Arab in Dubai. It is set to 1,000ha of magnificently landscaped park with palms and fountains. There is a 1.3km private beach attached to the hotel. Its total floor area is around 850,000m², with the western and eastern wings containing the guest rooms. Emirates Palace Hotel costs around  $3bn. It is certainly the most expensive and luxurious marina development in the Middle East. Emirates Palace is the pride of Abu Dhabi.

The Hotel has 302 grand rooms and 92 suites. Each of the exceptional rooms and suites provides guests with uncompromising indulgence. These include 302 rooms, 40 splendid Khaleej & Khaleej Deluxe suites, 4 Royal Khaleej suites, 16 unique three-bedroom Palace Suites divisible into a total of 48 one-bedroom individual suites. The rooms, Khaleej & Khaleej Deluxe Suites & Royal Khaleej Suites are divided equally within the East & West Wings. Both Wings enjoy their respective Reception area, Beach Access, Swimming Pool, & Fitness Center. There are three types of Palace suites: Coral (110m²), Pearl (140m²) and Diamond (220m²). Rooms are priced from $5,989 to $12,251 a night.

A wishful thinking of staying here with my family for one week. I guess it will cost  me hundred thousands of pesos..


Photo Credits: Mr. Sherif Azab
Abu Dhabi-OFW-Emirate Palace

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  1. I was dreaming to stay on that hotel when I am in Dubai before, but I had no enough time to spend.

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