Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For Rent in Abu Dhabi

I just want to share you some tips I learned from transferring house for 3 times now since January of this year. 

Where to find rooms for rent?

The first thing I do is visit. http://abudhabi.dubizzle.com/. There are hundreds of rooms for rent ad in this site. You can filter the ads according to price, location, furnished, and attached bath. It is where I found my two rooms. This site is reliable when you are searching for accommodation.
If you were not able to find the room you desire in dubbizzle, walk along Hamdan Road where you will find many flyers posted at the bus stops or building walls.

Based on experience Room Rentals:
Bed Space  = AED 500 – AED 950
Room Sharing = AED 1200 – AED 1600
Maid’s Room = AED 1200 – AED 1600
Maid’s Room attached bath = AED 1500 – AED 2300
Normal Rooms = AED 2300 – AED 2600
Master Bedroom = AED 2800 – AED 3800
Salon = AED 4000 and up

The rent usually comes with free water, electricity, and optional free offer for wifi, TFC, gas for cooking, use of fridge and microwave oven.  

Where to buy cheap bed, mattress and other room furniture?
For the cheapest bedroom furniture, you can go to Electra at the backside of LL Hospital. I bought our double sized bed, medical mattress and 3 door cabinet for only AED 800 free delivery and bed fixing in our room. Our friend shared a strategy in buying from these shops so you will get the best price.

Choose the furniture you want. Tell the salesman that it is so good, amazing and you really like it. Ask him for the price. Initially he will give you expensive price. Ask him for discount. He will then offer you a lower price. This time, tell him the price that fits your budget. If he will not agree with your price, walk out of the shop and tell him you’ll check first for other shops and you will just come back. He will now run after you, give you a lower price, he will bargain some more with you. Note down the last price he will offer. Check for other shops and do the same. Choose the shop with the lowest price. Now you can buy your furniture from the shop with the lowest offer.

For Rent in Abu Dhabi

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