Friday, July 12, 2013

Invest in Stocks with Your Php5000

In my last blog " Invest in Stocks", I have given the basic idea how the stock market works. I also mentioned that you can start investing in the Stock Market initially with your Php5000.Some of you didn't actually believe that. So here, I prepared a short tutorial how you can start investing in the Philippine Stock Market with your Php5000. Learn and enjoy. Watch the video

Powerpoint presentration version just click on the "NEXT" arrow on the image below located at the right side and bottom of the image. 

Within two months of investing in the Stock Market, I already received dividends from BDO and FPH. These two big companies were recommended by Bro. Bo Sanchez of Truly Rich Club. It is a good start for me. In this industry, as a newbie, you need a mentor for you to succeed. It takes some action and the discipline of saving for the future.

On my next article on OFW Business Ideas, I will be sharing how we should manage our expenses especially to OFW's which I also learned from the Truly Rich Club.

"Don't have bad debts..Why?Because your making the greatest magic in the world your enemy..Albert Einstein said, the greatest magic in the world is not nuclear power,it's not the theory of relativity,the greatest magic in the world is compounded interest.Don't make it your enemy.Make it your friend by investing." - Bo Sanchez

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